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Barnovschi Church ::

Address: 26, Ghica Voda Street

Patron: The Assumption of Holy Mary (August, 15), Holy Parents Ioachim and Ana (September, 9)

Visiting hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, between 08.00 - 15.00

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 07.00-17.00



Barnovschi Church was built in 1672 by Miron Barnovschi. From the old buildings, only the church with specific Moldavian architecture, the steeple tower and the parochial house are still preserved.

The interior painting of the church dates from 1880. The 1786, 1836, 1880's intervention works did not bring just little modification, but also some restorations. The porch is, for sure, a Baroque addition from the 18th century.

Ways to get there:
check the public transport http://www.ratp-iasi.ro/planif10.pdf and routes.

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