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It all started at Iasi ...
The first Romanian Electricity Laboratory (Iasi, 1910)

The first Romanian operetta, “Baba Harca”/“The Old Witch”

The First Romanian Literary Memorial Museum, Ion Creanga’s Cottage

The First Natural History Museum in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1834)

Eduard Gruber, the first researcher in Art Psychology, in Romania (1861 - 1896)

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It all started at Iasi ::

The first Romanian member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin - Dimitrie Cantemir (1673–1723) - Prince of Moldavia (Iasi, 1710 – 1711) became member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin in 1714, whose president was Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. The first scientific work, about the Islamic music written in Turkish, - “The Book of Music” (1704), the first Romanian novel - “The Hieroglyphic History” (in Greek and Romanian, 1705), the first ethnographical description and also the first geographical map of Moldavia, in the work “The Description of Moldavia” (in Latin, 1714 - 1716, at the request of the Royal Academy in Berlin and published in Hamburg, in 1769 – 1771), the first philosophical essay in the Romanian literature (composed following the model of Plato's “Dialogues”) - “The Divan” or “The Wise Man's Parley with the World” or “The Judgment of the Soul with the Body” (Iasi, 1698) – these are only some of the most outstanding works. Thanks to them Dimitrie Cantemir is the best humanistic Moldavian and European “Prince” of science and literature of all times.

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