Ferentz’s Cross

Ferentz’s Cross

This cross is situated on the left side of the Nicolina driveway, after the bridge that passes over the Ferentz River. The cross was built by Mihail Racovita in the same place where 600 Moldavian and Austrian soldiers were buried in one hillock grave in 1717. The Austrian soldiers, led by the Belgian captain Ferentz (François) Ernaut, entered in to Moldova with the intention of capturing Mihai Racovita, the ruler of Moldova.

With the help of the Tartars, the ruler of Moldova captured Ferentz, cuts off his head and buried him under the fortress along with others that were killed. The place is also known as ‘The porch of Ferentz’ because in the past a porch really existed there.

How to get there:
To visit this objective, you can consult: the planning of the means of transport from Iasi http://www.ratpiasi.ro/planif10.pdf, the map of their routes and the interactive map of Iasi.

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