“Mărțișor – Symbol and Tradition”

Union Square

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“Mărțișor – Symbol and Tradition”

“ART-Prut Crafts” Association Iaşi, in collaboration with the Iaşi City Hall; The Ethnographic Museum of Moldova and the Union Museum, within the National Museum Complex “Moldova” – Iasi; Association of Real Estate Companies of Moldova (ASIM); Association “Dialogue for Development”-Iași; Children’s Palace – Iasi; Tourist Information Center – Iași; “Ghizii României” School, Iași branch and “Dimitrie Cantemir” Theoretical High School, Iași are organizing the cultural-interactive event “Mărțișor – Symbol and Tradition”, the 8th edition, which will take place between February 25 and March 1, 2023, in Unirii Square in Iasi. Approximately 30 folk craftsmen will be present, both from Moldova and from other ethnographic areas of the country, as well as from the Republic of Moldova.

You can participate in the wonderful and unique celebration of spring and admire the traditional Romanian symbol – MARCH – included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – UNESCO;
Folk craftsmen who make this symbol respect all ethnographic requirements: raw materials, symbols, work technique, archaic and current chromatics;
There will be exhibited traditional or made in a traditional spirit, made by craftsmen and popular creators who came to Iași from Moldova, but also from other ethnographic areas of the country, as well as from the Republic of Moldova;

You can see:

 practical demonstrations by folk craftsmen
 museum education and technical initiation workshops
the making of the traditional martișor, for children, supported
by ethnographers from the Ethnographic Museum of Moldova,
as well as folk craftsmen;
 artistic moment, which will include folk dances and songs
supported by the students of the Children’s Palace from Iasi and the High School
theoretically Dimitrie Cantemir from Iași, united under the generic name
Longing for spring, which will take place during the festival
official opening;
 offering leaflets that will contain information about
history, chromaticism, folk customs and related legends
of the archaic and traditional martișor.
 During this period, visitors will find at the stands
folk craftsmen and specific traditional objects
everyone’s craft, which can be made into gifts of
spring (March 8).
For 5 days we invite the public to enjoy, together with the craftsmen
popular, with a festive atmosphere, but also for work and
communication between generations regarding our customs and traditions
Official opening: SATURDAY, February 25, 2023, 2 p.m.

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