R.A.T.P. routes

Map of means of transport http://www.sctpiasi.ro/harta

For more information on means of transport and C.T.P. routes, please visit the following website:

http://www.sctpiasi.ro/ and the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ctpiasi

Bus schedule 50 – at Iasi Airport: http://www.sctpiasi.ro/stiri

Careful! Routes may undergo temporary or permanent changes! Read the route very carefully on board the means of transport separately!
1. It is mandatory to buy a ticket or a pass. These can be bought from: a. 24pay App (it requires either a card or the possibility of buying a ticket/pass by SMS)
b. Ticket Kiosk (only using cash)
c. Ticket machines (both cash and card)
d. Bus/Tram (only using card)
2. Once you get on the bus or tram you must validate the ticket. Once you’ll do it, you can travel by the city’s public transport exactly 2 hours. It means you can change between any bus or tram during this time.
3. If you’re planning on staying longer, we recommend a day pass, a 10 day pass or a month pass. These ones do not need to be perforated, but shown every time it is required.
4. It is also mandatory to have the ticket or pass during the entire trip.
5. According to SCTP, there are 2 zones: 1 and 2. This one means you need to check if the zone you’re going to needs a different ticket. Usually zone 2 is outside the city and most of the times you’ll travel by zone 1. To be 100% sure check the maps.

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