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It all started at Iasi ...
The Great Synagogue, the First Jewish Praying House, in Romania (Iasi, 1659-1670).

The First Natural History Museum in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1834)

The first Romanian member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin - Dimitrie Cantemir (1673–1723)

The first Romanian operetta, “Baba Harca”/“The Old Witch”

The First Botanical Garden in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1856)

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About Iasi
"...Forever the traveller and the wanderer, I always found Iaşi to be a restful place to stop by (...). I remember its cheerfulness as being entirely intellectual, presided over by the icon of my literary friends, gathered in debates and readings (...). A day spent in Iaşi was for me a discreet and finely nuanced celebration. In Iaşi I felt closer than elsewhere to the ideal place where everyone would like to spend their life. There was, in this royal city, enveloped in the melancholy of unbearably grand memories, more wit and more worship of all things intellectual than in any other Romanian centre..."
Gala Galaction – "Iasii-precum erau"

How do I get to Iasi Local transport
Iasi is situated in North-eastern Romania, at 47 northern latitude and 27 eastern longitude, on Bahlui’s riverside.

The public transport in Iasi is assured by trams, buses and minibuses. The first race is at 5.00 a.m. ant the last one at 22.00.

Spare time

It’s happening at Iasi

Those who love art can anytime find at Iasi a wonderful performance, a concert or a nice movie. As regards those who are loving nature and long walks, they can always find charming places to discover in the city and in its surroundings.

Every year, Iasi is hosting lots of fairs and exhibitions. Not only artisans, representatives of some famous companies activating in various fields, but also some of the most beloved artists of the moment, can be met in the capital of Moldavia.


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