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It all started at Iasi ...
The First Romanian she-lawyer

The Great Synagogue, the First Jewish Praying House, in Romania (Iasi, 1659-1670).

The First Romanian Medical School, University-like, The Surgery School

Eduard Gruber, the first researcher in Art Psychology, in Romania (1861 - 1896)

The First Natural History Museum in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1834)

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Copou Park ::

Address: Carol I Blvd.

In 1834 Prince Mihail Sturdza decided to build the first public garden in Iasi, permitting access of all the inhabitants of the city. The garden was enlarged in 1849 and then in 1852, and in 1860 street lamps were installed here for the first time. The oldest monument in Romania, the Obelisk of the Lions, stands in the middle of the park. It was created by Mihail Singurov in 1834.

On 'Junimea" alley, bronze busts of the members of this well-known cultural organization in Iasi can be admired.

The Monument of the Heroes of the II-nd Division of Cavalry -on the Carol I Boulevard, in front of the Copou Park,

"A statue is more than the character that is embodied. It is history". (E. Badescu)

 The monument was dedicated to the heroes of the Second Division of Cavalry. It was cast in bronze, by Gh. Ionescu and the autor is I.C. Dimitriu. Built by the contributing heroes of the First World War, it was inaugurated in May 1927, in the presence of political, administrative and cultural personalities of the epoque. The monument represents a cavalryman, with a spear in attack position, next to a winged nymph. The names of these heroes, who died on the front of Transylvania and Wallachia, are engraved on marble stones in the crypt of the monument.

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