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The First Romanian Medical School, University-like, The Surgery School

The First Natural History Museum in the Romanian Principalities (Iasi, 1834)

The First Monument in the Romanian Principalities

The first Romanian Scientific Society

Grigore Cobalcescu, the founder of the Romanian Geology School and of the Geophysics research (Iasi,

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Roznovanu Palace (The City Hall) ::


11, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Blvd.

Tel: 0040.

Roznovanu Palace is the former residence of the Rosetti-Roznovanu family, built at the initiative of Iordache Neculai Roznovanu. It was inaugurated on 23rd April 1832 and at that time it was considered the most beautiful building in Iasi.
The master of the palace had 3 wives. The last of them, Maria, was the one that opened the gates of the palace for musicians and literates.
Here George Enescu and Haricleea Darcle had concerts, also here Mihai Eminescu lectured his poems. The dance parties offered by lady Marghiolita were famous in the whole region.
In 1891, Vasile Pogor buys the palace from the Roznovanu family and establishes the headquarters of the City Hall.
During 1893-1894, the building undergoes several changes (an additional storey is built and the chapel is demolished) and it becomes for a short time the residence of the royal family (Prince Ferdinand and Princess Maria).
During World War I (1916 - 1918), the Roznovanu Palace hosted the headquarters of the ministries and the political leaders refugees from Bucharest. In 1918, the Romanian War Council met in the present Conference Hall of the Local Council.
The building was restored after the fire in 1958, which destroyed almost completely the second floor and most of the ornaments on the first floor.
The administrative leadership of the city moves to the present headquarters again in 1969.

Today, in the former dance room of the Roznovanu family, the meetings of the Local Council are held, as well as other events of the City Hall.

Ways to get there:
check the public transportáhttp://www.ratp-iasi.ro/planif10.pdf and routes.

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